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CoinStats is the best cryptocurrency portfolio manager on the market. It can track your portfolio across multiple exchange accounts and wallets. It is an easy-to use platform that allows you to manage all your DeFi, NFT, and crypto from one place. It offers the most exchange and wallet integrations available. The platform allows users to trade directly and maintain their cryptocurrency portfolios. CoinStats Wallet allows you to switch your preferred tokens and coins without needing to visit multiple exchanges. You can do it all from one place. You can also earn up to 20% APY on your DeFi assets and cryptocurrencies. Portfolio MonitoringThis app supports over 400 exchangers and wallets. Here’s a list of exchanges that can automatically be connected to CoinStats via an API auto-sync. If the portfolio you’re trying to connect to isn’t on the list, you can link it via CSV upload or manually enter your transactions.Portfolio AnalyticsUsers will be provided with all the vital metrics through portfolio analytics after you connect your portfolios to CoinStats, such as:Profit and loss analysis, which demonstrates your entire performance over a certain time period.
All your investments will have an average buy and sell price.
Portfolio analytics options for paid users that include your most profitable coins, coins causing the most losses, total deposits and total withdrawals.
The Wallet from CoinStats is the easiest way to use DeFi. This Wallet can be used to buy cryptos with a bank card, swap tokens across multiple chains, or stake tokens to make money. It takes only a few clicks to create your wallet. Visit the CoinStats Wallet Page for more information. DeFi Swapping DeFi Swaps allow you to instantly trade one cryptocurrency against another right from the platform. Tokens that are stored in Wallet or other wallets linked with the app can be swapped. The platform aggregates the best swap routes across multiple liquidity sources so users have access to the best prices on different chains. EarnOn CoinStats allows you to lend cryptocurrency and receive cryptocurrency back. You can stake your stablecoins to earn as much as 20% APY. NFT floor price monitoring is the first feature. This allows you to check the NFT prices for all top collections in real-time. You can track market cap, volume and number of owners, as well as supply. You can also use their NFT smart alert system, CoinStats Middleas. Midas lets you track the top NFT wallets and spot market trends in real-time. This algorithm aggregates NFT buying activity and allows you to outsmart market trends. These insights give users a complete picture of their investment decisions and user attributes. Each cryptocurrency is given a unique CoinStats score. It is based on three main factors: How many people have liked that coin in the past few days?
How many people have bought and sold this currency in the past few days?
How many people have visited the coin page?
Users can set up auto and custom alerts on price, limit, volume, and currency market cap for all cryptocurrencies so they don’t miss out on any opportunities.Head over to the insights tutorial page to learn more.NewsCoinStats consolidates all cryptocurrency-related news from over 40 sources onto a single page, allowing you to effortlessly keep on top of the market. You can also include any custom feeds in your news. Share your portfolio with family and friends to keep track of your investments. You can find the link by going to the portfolio page. Click on the link symbol (share symbol) in the bottom-left corner. To learn how to get CoinStats Sparks, visit this link CoinStats provides everything you need to start investing and making money. Furthermore, the team is always developing new features, making improvements, and improving the user experience.DISCLAIMER: The Information on this website is provided as general market commentary and does not constitute investment advice. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: coincu.comChubbiCoincu NewsContentsTags: cryptoCrypto Exchangecrypto walletsDeFiexchangeNFT