Coinbase Prepares for Another Layoff in Market Turmoil

Key Points:Coinbase’s CFO doesn’t rule out layoffs in order to protect the company’s finances.
After the release of its fourth quarter data report in 2022, the company took the necessary steps to take the action.
The company claimed it would break even, but changed its mind in its most recent earnings report. It will now attempt to maintain EBIDTAT earnings (earnings prior to interest, taxes, fees); depreciation is favorable.
Coinbase Global Inc. has laid off two employees in the past year and is prepared to make further cuts if necessary to improve its financial performance. Many crypto companies have had difficulty choosing a solution to reduce their human resources to maximize costs. Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency company in America, had to layoff more than 2000 employees in two rounds of layoffs in 2022. However, the company will soon release data for the fourth quarter. The net sales were $605 million, which beat analyst expectations of $588 million. This was compared to $590million in Q3. The dollar rose 5%. FactSet expected a $2.52 loss, but the adjusted $2.46 per share was more than that. The adjusted $2.46 per share was better than the $2.52 loss FactSet had expected. According to the company’s shareholder letters, it has significantly reduced its costs, with a 30% decrease in technology, sales and marketing between the first quarter and the fourth quarter. This was contrary to what it had previously stated when it reported earnings Tuesday. It stated that it would continue to make positive payments before interest taxes, deductions, amortization, depreciation and depreciation.
“We want to improve EBIDTA over the past year ,(…)..” If we don’t have the resources to do so, we will adjust our expenses. We are agile. We will take the necessary steps.”
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