Coinbase invests in Rocket Pool and introduces an RPL-rETH mini pool

Key Points:Coinbase invests into Rocket Pool and reveals RPL Mini Pool – rETH
Rocket Pool recently announced Coinbase Ventures which will invest directly into the DeFi protocol.
Coinbase Ventures will now be able to vote on oDAO proposals and invest in the staking platform. Rocket Pool, an Ethereum staking platform has just announced that Coinbase Ventures will be investing directly in DeFi protocol. According to the investment fund, “We are pleased that Coinbase Ventures is strengthening our partnership with Rocket Pool through direct investment in RPL and proposed participation in the oDAO.” Coinbase Ventures plans to use RPL/ETH to launch its mini pool, Rocket Pool.” Coinbase Ventures will also have a significant vote at the oDAO to decide project decisions. The exchange will also create a separate pool to hold the RPL-rETH token pairs. The exact amount of investment has not been disclosed by the project. Rocket Pool was launched in November 2021. It allows users to launch their own nodes or participate in running a node within Ethereum’s decentralized system. Rocket Pool has recently reached a $ 1 Billion locked value (TVL), after just two years of operation. RPL trades at $50, up 10% in the past 24 hours, following enforcement actions against Paxos and Kraken. The SEC’s strict regulation has resulted in a penalty for the Kraken Exchange and a warning to Paxos (the issuer of stablecoin BUSD). This problem will impact future “limits” for exchange services. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: CoinbaseEthereumRocket PoolRPL