ChatGPT’s Future: A Chatbot With AI Potential is Emerging as a Rival

OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT caused quite a stir online. It is most likely the most significant advancement in artificial intelligence (AI). In just a few months, the AI bot has been able to communicate with approximately one million users. It can answer normal questions, explain codes, create basic academic essays, and even write horror movie scripts.
ChatGPT’s Biggest Drawbacks
Despite all the positive features that AI ChatGPT offers, there are some downsides. Some of these are well-known to the public. ChatGPT is not able to access the internet, which makes it difficult for it to provide data in real time. It can only retrieve data that was given to it in 2021, when it was still under development.


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ChatGPT is also controlled by OpenAI, the company that runs it, despite it being run by artificial intelligence. It is also subject to the usual internet community standards. In certain situations, for example, the AI chatbot may not be able or willing to answer your questions if they aren’t ethical or outside the limits of what it is allowed.
Growing ChatGPT Rivals
There have been a few new competitors to the AI chatbot that have attempted to challenge it. Google’s Bard AI chatbot was only recently released to the public. It is believed to be the most intelligent in the market, but is currently only available to a small number of testers.
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The fundamental problem remains the same, despite the introduction of these chatbots. The majority of these ChatGPT AI alternatives won’t be able overcome the existing issues that are preventing ChatGPT from moving forward. This is because most of them are managed and therefore will be restricted by such restrictions.
Crypto’s Answer to ChatGPT?
There is still reason for optimism, and it’s not coming out of blue-chip companies but from the stables at Web3 and crypto. According to CryptoGPT’s website, it claims that CryptoGPT is powered by “decentralized AI”. It integrates AI with the privacy- and security-enhancing capabilities of blockchain technology. Based on the information collected, CryptoGPT’s team has been working on the product since mid-2022. The native token, GPT runs on the ZkRollup protocol.

ChatGPT is the fastest-growing app in human history.
It was the first to create an AI app retail can use.
ChatGPT is privately funded, so you won’t be able to get a piece OpenAi.
@CryptoGPT_org decentralizes AI and launches $GPT token
— CryptoGPT (@CryptoGPT_org February 15, 2023

Although it is not confirmed, CryptoGPT has 2 million users and is the only AI platform that has come close to ChatGPT. A look at their roadmap shows plans for a launch of NFT collections and a token generation event scheduled sometime soon through a crypto launchpad.
The cryptocurrency market is currently in a state of flux. AI-related coins such as SingluarityNET, Ocean Protocol (OCEAN), and Fetch.AI have seen significant price increases. The Graph’s (GRT), which has a market capitalization of $1.5 billion, leads the sector. In recent times, many major cryptocurrencies have attempted to take advantage of the interest in artificial intelligence (AI) in an effort to gain more exposure.
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