Cenoa Borderless SUPER Wallet Completes $7 million Seed Round

Key Points: Cenoa, Getir CTO’s borderless currency wallet project, announced a successful call for 7,000,000 dollars.
Quiet Capital was the leader (also supporting Robinhood and OneFootball), and Underscore and Human Capital, Ulu Ventures and Acrew Capital. Other investors also participated.
The company’s operations will be further developed to expand beyond its core product into new markets in Latin America and Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Africa.
Cenoa is a non custodial wallet company that is based in Singapore. It has raised $7 million in seed funding. This round was led by Quiet Capital (also supporting Robinhood and OneFootball), Seckin Caglin, Sirri Perek, Acrew Capital, Spark Collective, and others. -Google to Protect assets and increase savings.
“Cenoa provides easy access to digital dollars-based products, 100 per cent designed for the everyday user. We believe in modern technologies like blockchain to offer one-click access the digital dollar ecosystem to those customers who need it most, including those in emerging economies that lack stable currencies such as Nigeria and Argentina. These people should be able access US Dollars easily and affordably, beat inflation, and save, something the traditional financial system has not been able to do.
Seckin Caglin is the founder and co-CEO at Cenoa. It uses blockchain technology to reduce costs and eliminate intermediary fees. Cenoa’s non-custodial digital wallet allows users to grow their savings and depreciate assets. It is integrated with Transak and BiLira, allowing Cenoa to connect to local banking systems. The company has 1,000 users in beta and is integrated with Transak and BiLira, allowing Cenoa to connect to local banks. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: # Cryptocurrencies#MarketsBlockchainBorderless WalletCenoacryptowallet