Celsius’ Eligible Custody User Will Be able to Withdraw 94% of Their Assets

Key Points:Celsius provides an update on the upcoming withdrawal of certain assets from certain margin accounts.
Before this, all eligible users will need to update their Celsius account with the required information.
Qualified margin users will then be able withdraw approximately 94% from qualified margin assets.
According to Celsius, the insolvent cryptocurrency lender, customer withdrawals will begin in the next few working days. The request for information includes information about the customer, Anti-Money laundering regulations and details on the destination address. According to the document, the court will also decide if they will pay out any remaining funds. The crypto lender declared bankruptcy with $167 million in cash, $4.3 billion assets and a $4.7 billion debt to customers. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: News