Celebrities bought NFT and did they lose big money?

The crypto market is, as you know, always the most risky market for investors. The price of the coin you purchase can plummet to nothing more than scrap paper. NFT is also a commodity. The unique thing about NFT is that celebrities can now buy it for a few thousand dollars or even hundreds of dollars. Let’s take a look at Coincu’s NFTs that celebrities have bought and their current value. He bought a number of NFTs totaling $366,324, including the most important. BAYC #6723. BAYC #6723. Opensea currently has around 3,100 collectibles. While some of them are the same NFTs with a different token ID, it’s not unusual for him to show that he is a collector as well as an NFT creator. Neymar Jr., a Brazilian soccer star, bought BAYC #5269 in January 2022 for $569,531 and it is currently worth $121,992. So Neymar lost $447.539. It’s great! But it doesn’t appear like it was a hype buy. Neymar bought 63 NFTs in 2022. He also owns BAYC #6633 which cost him $480,359 in January 20,22. However, this NFT is only worth $88,742, so Neymar has lost $145,632. Neymar is a full-time NFT collector and isn’t just one of those celebrities who spend a lot of money on monkeys. Eminem has 109 NFTs and it’s currently worth $88,746, which is less than the current value. His BAYC isn’t very fancy, but it does have some interesting stuff. His profile is a mess because he didn’t do any research. He bought the BAYC because he wanted to use their monkey in a music video with another rapper, Snoop Dogg. It was worth $86,613, so a loss of $1,214,937 is shocking. But, it was a cake for eminem. It is currently worth $86,613, so a loss in value of $1,214.937 is quite shocking. However, Paris Hilton has been involved in crypto for a while so it is only fair that she didn’t see a significant loss. She saw the value in NFTs as well as the future. Her Opensea collection has approximately 1,500 NFTs and she has created almost 26,000 NFTs. Paris is a veteran in the crypto industry so it’s only fair that she didn’t see a huge loss. Serena Williams, a great tennis player, paid $177,123 for an NFT. It looks like a villain so she bought it. It is not currently available on any market so it is difficult to value. But if she still kept the 85 ETH she paid for the NFT, she would only be able to exchange about $102,876 today, which would be a loss of $74,247.She has 66 NFTs in her unnamed profile on Opensea, and it looks like she’s spending more money on many small projects.Gary Vaynerchuk – CryptoPunk #2140Entrepreneur and Internet personality Gary Vaynerchuk bought CryptoPunk #2140 at the cost of $3,953,216 (1,600 ETH), you can only imagine him being an ETH whale because if you’re spending 2% of your net worth on an NFT, then you’d need a reason too.Likewise, CryptoPunk #2140 is hard to value, but if he still kept the 1,600 ETH he paid for the NFT, it would be $1,934,367 at today’s prices, so he would have to take a $2 million loss.He’s a real NFT collector as his Opensea profile says he has 6,800 NFTs, and some of them have wasted his money, but when you have a net worth of $200 million, it really doesn’t matter.Logan Paul – Bumble BeeInfluencer Logan Paul paid a whopping $667,000 for it in December 2021, and it’s currently worth about $2,000, a loss of $665,000.Additionally, Rogan is also the owner of five CryptoPunks (#2294, #6762, #5569, #7861, #4484). CryptoPunk #2294, which was purchased for 110 ETH ($163,003) in February 2021, is the most expensive. However, he has publicly announced many times that he will hold these NFTs for a long time and has no short-term plans to sell them.ConclusionRegardless, it’s fun exploring the celebrities who own these super-expensive NFTs.However, we know that the cryptocurrency market operates in cycles, and there is no doubt that the NFT market will rebound sharply during the next bull run.Will these NFTs reach the heights that celebrities paid for them again? Celebrities don’t care about their losses, considering how much they make. These NFTs are owned celebrities and can add more value during the next bear run. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: coincu.comHaroldCoincu NewsContentsTags: BAYCcelebritiesEminemJustin Bieberlogan paulNeymar JrNFTParis HiltonSerena WilliamsSnoop Dogg