Cathie Wood predicts that Bitcoin will be worth $1 million by this date

Due to the recent collapse in FTX, the global crypto market is experiencing increased selling pressure. Bitcoin, the largest crypto price worldwide, is down by a substantial 65% year-to-date (YTD). Despite the constant decline, Cathie Wood (founder of Ark Invest) is still bullish about the Bitcoin price prediction.
Cathie Wood spoke with Bloomberg Markets about her views on Bitcoin price prediction. Wood stated that her Bitcoin prediction of $1 million per coin by 2030 will be met.
Cathie Wood said that sometimes the market must go through the crisis and battle test to see the truth. It is important to look for the survivor after the event. It is important that you check the market infrastructure.
She also highlighted the fact that Bitcoin has risen out of these difficulties. Wood believes that institutional investors can slow down this process. They need to believe that they truly understand this.
They will feel more at ease if institutional investors take the time to do their research and analyze what happened. They can then look into Bitcoin or Ethereum as their first stop.
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