Cardano founder triggers NFT community with new Twitter PFP

Charles Hoskinson, Cardano founder, changed the display photo on his Twitter account and Facebook account, causing controversy. Hoskinson used a NFT photo as his new Twitter avatar and Facebook profile picture, but he didn’t actually buy the NFT. Cardano founder was accused for right clicking on a photo of someone’s NFT and using it as a profile pic.
NFT Community Responds to Cardano Founder using NFT PFP
Many NFT community members tweeted Caradano founder to ask for clarifications about his use of another’s NFT. Blakelock Brown, JpgStoreNFT CEO, called out Hoskinson, saying, “If you are reading this,” that Hoskinson used a picture of himself taken by JAR Heads NFT. The topic of right-clicking and saving NFT in a picture has been a hot topic outside of the crypto community. This seems to be to discredit the whole concept of NFTs. Some in the crypto community accused Hoskinson, therefore, of violating the unspoken ethics.


Purchase an NFT I am not purchasing the IP nor am i signing a contract granting me royalty-free use of the IP. Blake doesn’t seem to understand my larger point about the contractual rights and relationships of the purchaser. An NFT is NOT the image anymore than a lithograph is a painting
Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles), January 4, 2023
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Charles Hoskinson justifies Right-click Savings NFTs


Responding to LaithNFT on Twitter, Caradno Founder stated that he liked the photo and used it as his profile pic. He said that the NFT owner and the artist don’t mind the picture being used as their profile picture because it increases the value of their work. JpgStoreNFT CEO Hoskinson asked him to purchase the NFT he was using for his profile picture. He replied that he wasn’t buying the IP nor signing a contract that would allow him to display the NFT royalty-free. Cardano Founder argued that an NFT is not the same image as a lithograph or painting.

That’s all. I’m right clicking. I’m right clicking so hard.
Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles), January 4, 2023

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