Cardano founder calls Ethereum Staking a problem amid ban rumors

Cardano News: Brian Armstrong, Coinbase CEO, recently commented on banning crypto staking. This has caused a storm in the digital asset market. The market for recovering crypto went on to experience a sharp decline. Charles Hoskinson, Cardano founder, has a problem with Ethereum staking.
Cardano founder stated in a statement that Ethereum Staking was problematic. He stated that giving your asset to another person to receive a return is like selling a regulated product. Hoskinson said that bonds and slashing are not good, while noncustodial liquid stakes are similar to the mining pools, which have been around 13 years.


He said that there was much debate about what is sustainable. The proof of stake protocol, which promotes control by many rather than the few, was one example. It also creates a large, decentralized environment.


The crypto industry is directly affected by the practice of locking funds and encouraging centralization through poor protocol design. Because of fundamental misunderstandings about operation and design, all proof of stakes protocol could be lumped together. Read More Cardano News Here…
This is not the first time the ADA founder has made such comments regarding a watchdog or crypto project.
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