Cantor Fitzgerald Oversees $39 billion of Tether’s Reserves

Key Points: Tether (USDT), a stablecoin issuer, uses Cantor Fitzgerald for its $39 billion bond portfolio.
Cantor Fitzgerald is the only company that does direct business with the American Federal Reserve because of its role as the primary dealer in U.S. Treasury securities.
Wall Street Journal report, February 10, stablecoin issuer Tether uses Cantor Fitzgerald for its $39 billion bond portfolio. According to reports, the stablecoin issuer began working with Cantor Fitzgerald after reaching an agreement with a financial regulator regarding the management of its reserves. The corporation reported that it had $700 million in earnings for the fourth quarter and that it had $67 billion in reserves to support the $66.1 billion tether. According to the latest statistics, the corporation stated that it had reduced its loan exposure and gotten rid of all commercial paper. It also reported that it held $39.2 billion in Treasury bonds. This represented 59% of its portfolio. The company’s remaining assets consisted of billions of dollars in cash, precious metals and money market funds. It also had $39.2 billion in Treasury bonds, which made up 59% of its portfolio. It also held cash, corporate bonds and precious metals as well as other assets. We encourage you to do your research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: coincu.comAnnieCoincu NewsTags: Cantor FitzgeraldStablecoinTetherUSDT