Canto Chain Ecosystem: How many projects have been attracted by free components?

The number of transactions on Canto, TVL, cross-chain, and other data has increased strongly since the launch of the contract security revenues (CSR) distribution model. DeFiLlama data shows that the TVL on the Canto chain doubled in January, and the daily trading volume of the native decentralized exchange Canto DEX has grown from less than $2 million in early January to around $50 million in February; according to @minion0x data on the panel, the number of active wallets and new wallets on the Canto chain hit record highs last week, and the transaction volume of Alto Market, the main NFT market on the chain, increased significantly.Canto is a Layer 1 network built on the basis of the Cosmos SDK, but its special feature is that Canto will come with some DeFi functional components, such as the lending market forked from Compound, the DEX forked from Solidly, and the NOTE stablecoin with an over-collateralization mechanism. Canto believes that DeFi’s core should be a free public infrastructure. It was created to fulfill the promise of DeFi, and to help the new financial system become transparent and decentralized in the post-traditional financial age. Canto proposes a new contract secured revenue distribution model (contract secure revenue) to incentivize the investment in public products and the maintenance of them. The initial supply is 1 billion. It is used to pay for gas fees and can also be used to guarantee network security. The CANTO price increased by 5x due to on-chain activity. BridgeGravity BridgeCanto’s native Bridge solution has issued the GARV token. Gravity Bridge allows many Cosmos-based projects the ability to connect to Gravity. They can use it to accept ERC-20 assets or vice versa via IBC (Interblockchain communication). It currently supports a limited number of token transfers in ETH and USDC. Gravity Bridge is compatible to the EVM chain so the official stated that there will be opportunities to launch EVM crosschain transfers like Polygon in future. Canto, Synapse’s newest blockchain that supports crosschain, is also the first time that the protocol has entered into the Cosmos ecosystem. According to the official tweet, more than $1.5million in assets were transferred to Canto by Synapse Protocol in the three days between January 27 and 30, while $5 million was processed by Synapse Canto bridge on February 2. Currently, a few assets such as SYN, NOTE, USDC, and USDT are supported to cross-chain.DEXOfficial: CantoSwap and Canto Lending two currently occupy more than 95% of the market share of TVL on the Canto chain.ForteswapOne of the oldest DEXs on the Canto chain, it currently supports trading functions for Tokens such as BELIEVE, NOTE, ENC, RAB, CANTO, USDC, and USDT. Forteswap also supports the trading function with a liquidity function. It is a DEX that has a number of functions on the Canto chain. CantoSwapThe DEX was launched in 2022 and has issued Token Matrix. It supports asset transactions such as Matrix and CSRG, COGE. OTTO, NOTE, and other liquidity functions. Users can also trade in the four combinations WCANTO/Matrix cINU/Matrix NOTE/Matrix and CSRG/WCANTO via CantoSwap liquidity mining. According to DeFiLlama data CantoSwap TVL surpassed $700,000. This is a strong growth from February. Leets created a dynamic tax model to tax LEET tokens. Holders will be punished if a token is sold to excess. LeetSwap has a complete DEX function (transaction and liquidity provision), and users do not need any transaction fees when using its trading function.SlingshotMulti-chain aggregation DEX, providing more than 40,000 cryptocurrency transactions covering 7 chains, including Canto, Arbitrum Nova, and Osmosis, and equipped with real-time transaction charts. Slingshot supports transactions of 62 tokens on the Canto blockchain, with an average gas cost of $0.7 and a transaction charge of 0.NFT trading marketplaceProvidence NFT marketCantoswap claims that it is Canto’s first and most important NFT market. The platform market currently has four items for sale, Canto Longnecks and CantoPunks as well as Matrix Key and CANTOADZ. Recently, the royalties were reduced from 10% to 2.5%. Providence has introduced the NFT staking feature. CantoPunks holders will receive 10 MATRIX tokens each day they stake. Users who have CantoPunks or Matrix Keys to pair up with one another, will receive 10 MATRIX tokens per day. Alto Market currently has more than 60 NFT products for sale. Users can also create their own NFT, in addition to regular NFT sales and purchase. Alto Market does not charge transaction fees and creators can set custom royalties for collectibles. The platform currently supports four tokens for payment: Canto (wCANTO), NOTE (notice), and CINU (canto). The @minion0x data panel shows that Alto Market has seen its trading volume increase significantly in recent years. It has become Canto’s most important NFT trading marketplace, with more than 2,000,000 CANTO per daily. This accounts for nearly 30% of the contract interaction shares on the chain. It has also driven NFT Players to Canto Panning to find gold on the chain. Canto Longnecks (CLNFT) is the current No. The current No. Canto Moon launched the CMOON token. Holders can use this Token for liquidity mining, pledge or directly mint NFT to their benefit. OtherCANTO NAME SERVICECANTONAME SERVICE (CNS), which is the CANTO domain-name service, was launched on February 1. By owning a domain name ending in “.Canto”, users can signify their membership to the “Canto internet community”. The CantoadzNFT team also developed the Canto Public Messaging ServiceCPMS (Canto Public Messaging Service). This protocol is similar to sending letters/postcards via the Canto chain and aims to be the central of all messaging and sent messages on the Canto chain. To send a message through CPMS to another user, a user can “write a mail” on the chain and attach a stamp. A set of stamps costs only 10 CANTO. It also offers Gas station services. Users can purchase official NFTs without a supply limit at 50 CANTO to keep enough gas stations stocked. Canto ToolsAn important tool to explore the CANTO ecosystem. Canto Tools provides a calendar that displays CANTO’s major projects, data analysis tools, quick access to cross-chain bridges, educational content, and a calendar of major ecological event. function to help users understand and use the Canto network more comprehensively.Kanto GameKanto Game is the first game built on the Canto ecosystem, and the game interface/playstyle is similar to Pokemon. Kanto balls are used to capture and collect the elves. Players must find and defeat them. The game features 151 species of Elfs that players can capture and explore. Each elf can be traded for NFT. To make a profit, players can exchange NFT for CANTO in a timely fashion. It is still a young ecosystem and deserves our long-term attention. However, we need to be cautious about the hype surrounding CANTO’s price. 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