Blur has a great start, how to defeat OpenSea next?

Key Points:Blur’s speed advantage is one thing that helps the platform grow.
Airdrop is another tactic that gives NFT a competitive edge over OpenSea.
The project must also improve its future strategies and avoid competition with OpenSea’s $SEA tokens.
BLUR is finally here. Blur is now available. The momentum and noise generated by an airdrop is temporary and will not last. Take NFT marketplaces LooksRare or X2Y2, which both launched token incentives for LOOKS and Z2Y2 tokens early last year. Both tokens generated a lot of excitement upon their initial launches, but have since fallen in price. Both tokens have not been able to capture significant market share from OpenSea in the past. Although their stories are still being told today, they are not as compelling or exciting as they once were. The market has already reacted to the $BLUR launch, so most of the effects are likely to be temporary. It has a very attractive UX that makes it a viable challenger to. OpenSea is more than token economics. Blur aggregates NFT listings across all major NFT marketplaces. Blur also removes OpenSea’s blocklist from the NFT marketplace. OpenSea, on the other hand, aggregates projects only from above Seaport. Blur claims that its marketplace is 10x faster than Gem, OpenSea’s NFT aggregator for sophisticated traders, and nearly 20% more efficient than Gem. The question is: will these pillars and $BLUR continue to be effective in overtaking OpenSea? It’s not an easy task, but it’s possible. So what can this rising star do to win the war on the NFT market? The NFT marketplace must have the following five things. Protection moatBlur’s speed advantage, Gas efficiency, and flexible Bid system are all real. These moats are Blur’s exclusive moats. If other competitors catch up (which is possible), the moats for NFT will disappear. Blur must be faster, more efficient and more agile in order to win. This is not an easy task and there is no immediate solution. However, it is important to defend the moat. I am a Gem fan and I can tell you that I find the user experience of Blur and Gem very average. There is something I like more about Blur than Gem. I also like Gem. Blur seems to have learned from that lesson. They launched the “Second Season,” $BLUR rewards. This will double all Listing Points and Bids on the market for the following month. This seasonal approach makes sense. Blur is clearly at a disadvantage in this game. The OpenSea team’s resources, capabilities, and active users are immense. The NFT marketplace team will not be able beat OpenSea if it lets the elements against it get to its heads. Sometimes the underdog wins. Other times, it’s the indomitable fighting spirit – the desire to “we” win – that makes the difference to the lying incumbent. The NFT marketplace can keep its $BLUR reward liquid and continue to rollout cool features, but it’s difficult to predict if OpenSea will ever launch its own token. This may be true. Imagine if they did drop $SEA to users. This would be a significant move that could cement OpenSea’s dominance for many years to come. Blur’s UX moat will be destroyed, OpenSea will roll out its own rewards and advance its plans and fighting spirit. Even, OpenSea may end up not needing $SEA to beat the NFT marketplace for a while.Correspondingly, for the Blur team, it may be more than just getting everything right. This website provides general market commentary. It does not constitute investment advice. We encourage you to do your research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: BlurgemLOOKSLooksRareNFTOpenSeaseax2y2