BLUR Becomes the Top “Gas Guzzler” on Ethereum, Binance Listing Imminent!

BLUR, which is the native token of NFT platform Blur, is Ethereum’s number one gas burner. Coinbase stated earlier this week that they would start trading the BLUR/USD pair once there is sufficient liquidity. According to BLUR has now overtaken UniSwap & Seaport in daily Eth trading volume.
The computation resources on Ethereum can be measured in units of gasoline and paid for by users in the native cryptocurrency, ETH. Its 24-hour fees have exceeded $457,006.19, which is nearly 9.91% of all Ethereum network charges for the day. Over $4 million worth Ethereum has been burned in the past seven days as a result of this week’s airdrop.


Blur’s growing dominance
BLUR’s total valued locked (TVL), has seen a huge surge in the last 48 hours, reaching $121.42 millions. This has cemented its dominance in the NFT marketplace ecosystem. It also acts as an NFT marketplace aggregater. It was the largest ecosystem player with almost 70% market dominance, according to statistics.
Coingape reported that Blur distributed its BLUR tokens, which were then sent to over 100,000 NFT traders. The company also recommended that NFT project creators stop trades using OpenSea the day after. Artists do not have to pay a fee for accessing the marketplace. More crypto news can be found here.

Massive Price Surge
The BLUR price is $1.30 at the time this article was written. This represents an increase in 11.34% over 24 hours. Its market capitalization currently stands at $504,594,132. The 24-hour trading volume has increased by 18.83%. It now stands at $686.428,266. According to CoinMarketCap’s cryptocurrency market tracker, the circulating supply of BLUR is 386,316.751 BLUR.
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