Blur Anonymous Founder Real Identity: The Shocking Truth

Key Points:Blur founder graduated from high school and joined the prestigious startup incubator Y Combinator when he was 17. He also studied math and computer science at MIT and founded Namebase, which he later sold at Namecheap.
He said that he does not mind sharing his real identity in private conversations to foster trust between people.
Pacman, the anonymous founder and CEO of NFT trading platform Blur, shared his identity via Twitter on February 22nd. According to Pacman’s account, he was 17 years old when he joined the prestigious startup incubator Y Combinator. He also studied math and computer science at MIT and later founded a company called Namebase, which he later sold. He sought the opinion from Anish Agnihotri, Polychain Capital, on the matter. However, the advice “It doesn’t work” convinced him to choose anonymity. Pacman also revealed that he is not afraid to use his real identity in private conversations to build trust with others. Franklin, a prominent player in the NFT sector, can attest that Pacman did not reveal his real name despite releasing his resume. He explained that Pacman’s name, Pacman, is his identity. It is easier to pronounce than his real name, which is a significant clue. He plans to use the name Pacman and an avatar for community video conferences. However, he didn’t reveal his real identity. Researchers were able to find more information from the information provided. Pacman, for example, mentioned that he founded Namebase and that he sold it to Namecheap. Coincu jumped into the website and found the founder of Namebase, Tieshun Roquerre. Coincu conducted a Twitter search for Tieshun Roguere and found a user with the handle Tieshun/(@TieshunR). His resume includes participation at Y Combinator, attendance to MIT, Thiel Scholarship recipient, and founding Namebase. This information matches exactly with Pacman’s. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: Blurblur NFTblur ngtBLUR tokenBLUR tokensPacMan