Blockchain Carbon Network Carbonplace Secures $45 million In Funding

Key Points: Carbon credit transaction network Carbonplace raised $45 Million in a strategic round of financing and created its own company.
Carbonplace will require financial investment to build its platform, expand its workforce, and offer services for more banks and carbon market players such as registries, markets, and registries.
According to a February 8 news release, nine banks that founded the blockchain carbon credit transaction network Carbonplace, have invested $45 millions in the company. They include BBVA and BNP Paribas as well as CIBC, Ita Unibanco and National Australia Bank. According to a news release, Scott Eaton, the CEO of the London-based fintech company, said:
“With Carbonplace we are changing the way carbon credits are bought and distributed, held, and retired. I am excited to lead this company to the next stage of its evolution and help unlock its immense potential to drive significant economic, social and environmental value by opening up the carbon markets to the rest of the world.
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