BKEX Review: A Higher Value of Digital Asset Circulation

BKEX, a global cryptocurrency and digital asset financial trading exchange, was launched in the British Virgin Islands in 2018. It places a primary emphasis on the acquisition and mining of high-quality digital assets, offers a unique worldwide station that can be accessed by users from all over the globe, and facilitates a number of investments and trading activities involving a wide range of cryptocurrencies.Introduction Of BKEXThe BKEX cryptocurrency exchange has customers in over one hundred countries, and in addition to providing services for trading cryptocurrencies, it also provides services for trading derivatives, providing financial services for mining pools, spot trading, Seed Incubator Pro, ETP with constant leverage, and a great number of other services.It is widely acknowledged that BKEX is the undisputed leader in the blockchain and finance industries. The developers include programmers from China as well as from many other countries. You should read our BKEX review to learn more about this cryptocurrency trading platform. Both exchanges between fiat currency and cryptocurrencies are possible. The only fiat currency is the US dollar. TradingView is used to build the trading terminal. However, there is an app for mobile that has functionality that is identical to the primary platform. BKEX charges no taker/maker fees and only predetermined withdrawal fees. This makes it one of the most transparent exchanges in the industry. There are two levels to the referral program at BKEX. Each level may pay commissions up to 30%. BKEX offers the most important benefit: access to a smart pool which allows for flexible mining and stake. BKEX features leveraged tradingBKEX’s trading platform supports leveraged trading. For those who are considering leveraged trading, a word of caution is necessary. Leveraged trading can bring you huge rewards but can also lead to massive losses. Let’s say you have $10,000 USD in your trading accounts and you bet $100 USD that Bitcoin will go long (i.e., increase in value). This is possible by using 100x leverage. If BTC’s value rises 10%, you would have earned $10 if your stake was $100. Instead, you have won $1,000 USD by betting $100 with 100x leverage (990 USD less than if your deal was not leveraged). Leveraging leverage in trading is similar to borrowing money from someone and placing your money on the rise or fall of the relevant cryptocurrency. If the value of BTC drops by 10%, you’ll have lost $1,000 USD (990 USD) if your deal was not leveraged. As you can expect, there is enormous potential for both gain and negative…US-investorsUS investors are not permitted to trade here. Legality is the main reason US investors are not allowed to trade. Many US-based investors provide funding to US firms. They have obligations. These requirements include the drafting and registration of marketing materials in compliance with SEC rules. This can be a tedious process. If you are a US investor looking for a platform to trade fiat currency to crypto, check out our Exchange Finder. Different exchanges offer different trading perspectives. There is no one “best” view. It is up to you to decide which trading perspective suits you best. All views have one thing in common: They all show the order books, or at most a portion thereof, as well as the price chart for the selected cryptocurrency and order history. You will often find buy and sell boxes. Make sure you look at the trading perspective before you choose an exchange. Because their orders provide liquidity in the market, makers are so called. Takers reduce this liquidity by matching orders from manufacturers with their own. Makers get a modest discount on the trading cost and trade with a 0.1% trading fee. These costs are lower or equal to the industry average of 0.25%, but are rapidly approaching 0.10%-0.15%. BKEX Withdrawal FeesAnother price you should consider before making a decision on an exchange is their withdrawal fee. The withdrawal fee is usually fixed, regardless of how many cryptocurrency units are removed. It varies for each cryptocurrency. For withdrawals of Bitcoin, the exchange fee is 0.0008 BTC. This is in line with industry norms. According to a survey conducted by us here at, the global industry average BTC-withdrawal cost is 0.000812 BTC every BTC-withdrawal.Deposit MethodsBKEX does not accept fiat currency deposits. This means that new cryptocurrency investors (those who have never owned cryptocurrency) cannot trade here. You will need an entry-level exchange to buy your first cryptocurrency. BTC, ETH and LTC are all available trade currencies. BKEX contract trading allows for two-way opening. Investors can adjust their profit and stop-loss prices. Smart PoolAt BKEX Smart Pool offers current mining, flexible and regular mining as well as new currency mining. Trader can earn large earnings and mining money with a single click. Current Mining – This allows for quick transactions into and out of the exchange. It allows for coin-standard mining with 22 pools including USDT, BTC and ETH. Flexible Mining allows for flexible transfers, revenue growth and simple mining operations. There are 13 pools, including SQUID and DOT, USDT and BTC. Regular Mining – BKEX offers substantial returns and is currently operating its 8th round with an APY up to 35%. USDT, EOS and FIL are the mining currencies. The 8th Round also features a BTC, ETH and LTC round. BRG, MILO CMCX, CMCX LQR, SHIELD, and DOT are all available for investment. ETH2.0 ETH 2.0 was recently established by BKEX. It offers a low threshold, high profits, and no staking risk. Users can use the tokens they unlock to trade further. Hashrate ExtractionBKEX Hashrate Mining is a cloud mining service that simplifies mining operations, especially for new miners. It has completed the purchase of YH IPFS Super Mining Service and Chia Cloud Mining Service. Pros and consThere are 1,200 cryptocurrency available for trading. Users can also sell or buy any asset for US Dollars.
You can purchase quickly with your debit/credit card payment. All major deposit options are available.
The platform accepts investments in US dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Japanese yen, Korean won, or other currencies.
Traders can leverage up to x100 regardless of the asset or trading volume.
Fixed taker/maker charges are not affected by trader activity and the indicator is market average.
Simple trading platform, multiple charts and all the main indicators.
There are many investment options, including mining and staking, available with variable terms.
ConsAlthough funds may be deposited in many fiat currencies, the US dollar is the only currency that can be traded.
The only way to contact customer service is via the website’s ticket system. There is no call center or email, and the firm is not regulated. However, it is formally established in British Virgin Islands.
Is it safe to use BKEX?BKEX ranks among the top exchanges worldwide in terms of trading volume. This huge cryptocurrency exchange has seen a steady growth over the past four years, offering traders extremely favorable trading conditions. The exchange offers traders access to a wide variety of assets as well as transparent and cheap fees and passive income options. However, the fact that the firm is not regulated may be a major barrier for some traders.ConclusionThe BKEX exchange was founded in 2018 and is still in its early stages. This exchange is unique in that it offers financing, which is suitable for beginners. BKEX also offers spot, contracts, mining and mystery boxes that meet the needs of professional traders. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: BlockchaincryptoCryptocurrency exchangemarket