Bitkub Review: Top Crypto Exchange in Thailand With Outstanding Services

Bitkub is a well-known Thai name among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It was established in February 2018, and is currently Thailand’s second largest exchange in terms of trading volume. Bitkub Capital Group Holdings owns it. This company has raised more than ten million dollars in investments rounds over the past three years. BitKub is part of the cutting-edge online marketplace. Bitkub OverviewBitkub Online Co. Ltd, or is Thailand’s second largest exchange in terms of traffic and volume. Bitkub was founded in February 2018 and has closed the largest seed investment round in Thailand’s startup history. Bitkub Online, along with Satang Pro was officially licensed by Thailand’s Government in January 2019. It is currently the second-largest cryptocurrency exchange in Thailand in terms of trade volume. It is fully integrated into the Thailand banking system, making crypto conversions easy. Bitkub Online is one of two crypto exchanges that was officially licensed by the Thailand Government in January 2019. Satang Pro is the second. Information about BitkubFounded February 2018.
Jirayut Srupsrisopa and Sakolkorn Sakavee were the founders.
Area served: Thailand
Key people: Jirayut Srupsrisopa (CEO)
Products: Cryptocurrency exchange, digital assets
Revenue: $20.9 Million (2022).
This Bitkub review will cover the main aspects of the exchange. It will help you decide if it is the right choice for you. Here is a brief summary of the exchange’s advantages and disadvantages.Create Bitkub accountProsConsRegistered under the law in ThailandThe only fiat currency is THBHaving a mobile application that runs on Android and iOSThe exchange doesn’t support a lot of cryptocurrenciesThe customer support team responds fast to complaintsIntegrating into many of Thailand’s local banksPeople from other countries can still partake in the exchange’s servicesFeaturesThe exchange offers innovative cryptocurrency exchange services that let consumers purchase more than fifty currencies directly from their bank accounts. It is easy to purchase cryptocurrency. After registering their bank accounts, consumers can wire money to the exchange’s account. Following that, the chosen coin in the specified quantity will be credited to their cryptocurrency account.TradingVarious exchanges have various trading philosophies. There is no one “best” way to trade. It is up to you to decide which trading perspective suits you best. All trading screens typically display the order book or at least a portion thereof, a price chart of the selected cryptocurrency, as well as order history. They often have buy-and-sell buttons. Before you choose an exchange, make sure to look at the trading view. This will allow you to verify that it is correct. There are three types of order in the spot exchange interface. These are market, limit, and stop-limit orders. The stop-limit order type may not be available for some coin pairings. It is only allowed to be used by liquid assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The Bitkub exchange currently lists 58 coins. These coins include cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Wancoin and Decentraland. Certain currencies that are not listed on the exchange are not available for exchange due to liquidity. Donnie Finance (DON), Cortex Coin CTXC, Boba Token and Illuvium(ILV) are the currencies in question. FeesBitkub Trading feesThis trading platform doesn’t charge different fees for takers or makers. Instead, they have a flat fee model. Their flat fee is 0.25%, which is in line with the industry average. The trading fees are not prohibitive, but they don’t give you a competitive advantage. Referring someone earns you 20% cashback on any trade they make. Bitkub also offers fee credits from time-to-time to reduce trading fees. Fee credits are trading fees discounts that Bitkub offers to certain users from occasion to occasion. They cannot be used for any other activity, except as discounts. Bitkub offers these to participants in periodic trading events as well as to other users who meet the criteria. Withdrawal fees at Bitkub are 0.0002 BTC for withdrawing BTC. This fee is lower than the 0.0008 BTC industry average withdrawal fee (but it is decreasing as more exchanges offer better services). The withdrawal fee is therefore competitive. Kasikorn and Bitkub have a special arrangement. You can withdraw up 5,000,000 THB simultaneously through the bank instead of the 2,000,000 limit at other banks. There are different withdrawal fees. Kasikorn Bank charges a flat withdrawal charge of 20 THB regardless of how much you want to withdraw. Other banks charge the following rates:THB MONTHWITHDRAWAL FEE0- 100,000 Baht20,001- 500,00075 Baht500,000.001- 2,000,000 Baht200. BahtCryptocurrency, digital assets withdrawals, and deposits follow industry standard procedures. The Directory contains information and basic facts about all currencies mentioned on Bitkub. These articles are updated every month to keep users informed. These articles are updated monthly to keep users as current as possible. The following countries are listed on the website as countries with available SMS OTP services:Afghanistan, Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Chad, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Georgia, Hungary, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Japan, Malta, Mexico, Nigeria, the United States, Norway, Paraguay, The United Kingdom, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, Yemen, Venezuela, and 52 other countries.Native tokenKUB is the name of Bitkub’s native token. It can be used to receive cost reductions and credit on the Bitkub cryptocurrency platform. It can also be used to pay a gas fee or offer stake incentives to holders in the Bitkub blockchain ecosystem. It had a maximum supply limit of 1 trillion coins at the time this article was published. Bitkub is fully controlled by the Thailand Government. Bitkub’s website states that it has a fully-paid registered capital of 290m THB. This makes it one of the few crypto exchanges to do so in the early days. Bitkub uses a variety of technologies to improve its security. Two-factor authentication is available for all Bitkub accounts. It adds an additional layer of security and prevents unauthorized access to usernames or passwords.’s traffic is completely encrypted SSL and has DDoS protection on Cloudflare with No Scrubs technology. There is a five minute withdrawal suspension after login. Customers can reach them at their physical address in Bangkok, Thailand. They provide security tips and updates that help users avoid fraud and hackers. Their website servers are protected with encrypted technology.Organizational security also plays a very significant role in every exchange. All Bitkub employees must adhere to the company’s financial standards. Two-factor authentication and password management systems are designed to prevent unauthorized access to company data storage and network. Bitkub encrypts and hashes all passwords in its database to ensure maximum security. Bitkub encrypts all passwords in its database to ensure that your account is only accessible by authorized personnel. Bitkub holds a large amount of money that it has locked up with the intention to default in case of unforeseeable circumstances. Despite the fact that this looks to be a hardship for digital asset exchanges, this approach is fair in order to ensure that exchanges can pay back their clients.CompetitorsThe exchange is limited to trading within Thailand, so its competitors are also regional exchanges such as Binance, Satang Pro.ConclusionIt is now obvious that Bitkub is one of Thailand’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. You can convert cryptocurrency to cash with Bitkub. It also offers security safeguards that give investors peace of mind. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: #BitcoinBitkubcryptoKUBreviewsThailandTHB