Bitcoin will continue to rise in 2023 if its dominance level is successfully retested

Key Points: A well-known trader predicts Bitcoin will continue rising as long as its dominance level is retested at a crucial level.
He mentions that the decentralized peer to peer network Litecoin is poised for an uptake.
Chainlink (ORACLE-provided network) will eventually return at the $20 level.
According to his statement, a monthly BTC dominance close to the range of high resistance might trigger a retest. If the retest succeeds, BTC Dominance might return to the black wedge top to make a decision about the macro trend.
The analyst warns, however, that the king cryptocurrency could reverse its course if it fails above its current barrier level.

BTC should aim to close above the blue $23400 resistance monthly. Otherwise, BTC could be set up for a dip within this range (blue-blue), to consolidate for a few more weeks.
Source: TradingviewBitcoin is currently trading at $23,267. This is 1.12% higher than the previous 24 hours.
LTC has risen from its monthly flag. It is well-positioned to confirm its breakout with the monthly close right around the corner.
The researcher also observed discrepancies between trader reactions to current Litecoin prices.
It is evident that LTC reacts differently to these prices. In the past LTC would fail a postbreakout retest from green area (pre-2018), or fake-breakout (2021). But this time LTC has broken from a Bull Flag continuation pattern.
Litecoin trades at $88.18 at the moment of writing, up 1.3% from the previous days. The analyst then mentions Oracle-provided network Chainlink LINK, predicting that it will eventually return at the $20 level.
LINK is following the blue path well. LINK has rebounded +13% since the black $6.27 so far. The black Range High could be revisited over time.
Chainlink trades at $7.40 at the time of this writing. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: #bitcoin pricebitcoinbitcoin price analysisBTCbtc priceChainlinkChainlink tokensLINK tokensLitecoinLitecoin trading