Bitcoin Miner Riot Rebrands with Business Strategy Expansion

Key Points: Riot Blockchain is changing its name to Riot Platforms.
The rebranding supports the company’s growth goals to continue growing its increasingly diverse business operations. It is still committed in finding ways to improve its expansion plans across all of its vertically integrated business lines.
Riot Blockchain, a Bitcoin miner, has changed its name from Riot Blockchain to Riot Platforms. This name was chosen during the bull market of late 2017. Bioptix Inc. was the previous name of the miner. This company produces diagnostic equipment for biotech companies. Bioptix Inc. was previously known as Venaxis Inc., a producer of diagnostic equipment for the biotech sector. Riot’s electrical equipment manufacturing company will continue to operate under the ESS Metron brand in support of its long-standing customers. Whinstone U.S.A and Riot will be branded jointly under Riot Platforms, Inc.Riot Platforms CEO Jason Les stated in a statement.
“Our successful acquisitions Whinstone U.S. (which developed and operated North America’s largest dedicated Bitcoin mining data centre facility) and ESS Metron (which enhanced our electrical component engineering capabilities and supply chain capabilities have provided the foundation upon which our teams have built and will continue to build business platforms for growth.” Our businesses continue to grow in scope and size. This rebranding better reflects the strategic position of our capital investors to broaden our Bitcoin-focused operations.
Riot Platforms, one of the few mining companies, has been able lower energy costs and counter market headwinds through entering into power purchase agreements. This allows it to sell electricity back to the grid at a profit. Core Scientific is also experiencing financial problems as the bankruptcy process is underway. Core Scientific is also facing financial difficulties as the bankruptcy process is underway. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: coincu.comHaroldCoincu NewsTags: BioptixbitcoinRiot BlockchainRiot PlatformsRiot RebrandsStronghold