Bitcoin (BTC), Price Reaches Back To $15,000 After Rallying To $22K

After a strong performance on the U.S. stock exchange last week, Bitcoin’s daily trade session closed above $17,000 Sunday for the first-time in almost a month. The flagship cryptocurrency, currently trading at $17,200 per BTC has seen a moderate increase in volatility and daily trading volume on major exchanges. This is a historic low and suggests that the relief rally may not have much staying power.
Time to Sell Bitcoin
According to CryptoQuant’s information, a decreasing number of investors are losing their Bitcoin holdings. This is because the ASOPR (Adjusted output profit ratio) for Bitcoin reached 0.99. The ASOPR value of 1 acts as a significant resistance point in a bear market.


The ASOPR measures how profitable outputs were spent over a specified time period (greater that an hour). As the value rises above 1, the number of investors who sell for a profit increases. If the value is below 1, investors are selling at a loss. This resistance makes it possible to cash in on BTC earnings.

According to Sulivan, a crypto analyst, Bitcoin (BTC), if it reaches $20,000-22,000, it would enter S2F’s green zone (as seen below), which could cause another sell-off. He also said that an increase could occur later in the week if the U.S. CPI statistics prove to be better than the general projections.
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He expressed concern that 2023 could be a worse year than 2022 due to the macroeconomic environment and the possibility of prolonged recessions in the United States, and other countries.

Bitcoin’s (BTC), Key Price Barrier


CryptoGodJohn is a prominent crypto analyst who also trades. He believes that $17,600 is critical to Bitcoin’s price. Bulls will be able pursue the $20,000 mark if the top cryptocurrency breaches the $17600 level. The expert said that failure to break the $17,600 level could lead to the invalidation his bullish thesis and a BTC price rebound below $15,500.

$17,600 is the most important level I have for $BTC
Flip $17,600 I wouldn’t be surprised to see a move toward $20k
Reject likely reconsider $15.5
— Johnny (@CryptoGodJohn), January 9, 2023
The Bitcoin (BTC), price is currently trading at $17.242. This is an increase of 1.73% over the previous day, compared to a gain in the week of 3.26% as per CoinMarketCap.
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