Binance News: The Crypto Exchange Has Good News for TRON Users

Binance News: In response to community feedback, Binance announced that it had reset Tron’s withdrawal limits to their old levels. Binance had previously stated that it would increase fees after a vote by Tron DAO to change the energy charging method used on the network.
TRON Fees Lowered by Binance
Binance released an official statement stating that it had worked with the Tron team to find a solution to minimize withdrawal fees and make it easier for users to transact via the exchange.


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Friday’s announcement by the exchange was that it would increase fees in response to a vote of the Tron community to switch the energy charging mechanism for the Tron network to a dynamic model. This model will be more reasonable in charging for energy resources and will prevent excessive concentration of network resources on just a few contracts. The cost of withdrawing TRX increased by a factor 15 while that of withdrawing USDT rose by more than twice.
Justin Sun, founder of Tron network, stated earlier Saturday that the company is committed in developing a network that’s “cheap and fast” and “secure”. Binance has changed the fees for withdrawing on the TRON network, due to the recent change from a static energy charging model to one that uses dynamic energy charging. He also mentioned that he was working with Binance to lower fees.
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We are closely working with #Binance to explore solutions that would lower withdrawal fees for #TRON stablecoins or tokens on the exchange.
We are committed to making crypto trading more accessible for all.
— H.E. Justin SunT (@justinsuntron), February 11, 2023
TRON’s Dynamic Energie Charging
The Tron network implemented a mechanism to allow dynamic regulation of energy in contracts in accordance with Proposal83. This will help achieve a more equitable distribution. Dynamically, the number of resources required to execute a contract will affect how much energy it takes to complete the contract.


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The Tron network is currently using the majority of its CPU time on a small number of contracts. Some of these contracts are low-value or even proven to be fake. These transactions are more expensive due to the dynamic energy model, but have no effect on other decentralized applications (dApps).
According to the Binance news, withdrawal fees for USDT and USDC remain unchanged at 1 U.S. Dollar value. However, BUSD’s fee is 0.8 BUSD. The fee for the TRON token was dropped from 15 to 1. TRX.
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