Binance Knows FTX Hacker Here’s what the data suggests

Oxscope, the First-ever First-ever Web3 Knowledge Graph Protocol, claims that it has obtained the smart money address of a smart money recipient. This address could have access to the activity of FTX hacker and be able to benefit from it. Oxscope claimed that a suspicious address uses Binance to exchange.
Binance could have the KYC details for the suspicious address
Recently, the top web3 knowledge graph protocol tweeted about the suspicious activity of a money address that transferred USDC from Binance. This suggests that Binance might have access to the KYC of that address. Oxscope also revealed that suspicious addresses always borrow more than $10M, and then dump in the exchange just before FTX-hacker switches ETH.
Binance still has to clarify its position on this matter
Binance, the world’s largest exchange, has not yet responded to this matter. However, Oxscope’s recent tweet raises serious questions. Binance, being an exchange, must know about the KYC of this suspicious address.
According to the latest report, the FTX hacker sent 15,000 ETH 12 different addresses. The assets have a total value of approximately $200 million. On November 21, the FTX hacker transferred 195,000 Ethereum from his wallet. This could indicate that the hacker will trade the ETH he has transferred for Bitcoin (BTC). This led to a further drop of Ethereum (ETH), which has already fallen by around 7% in the last week.
Notably, investors find it harder to believe in the cryptocurrency markets, despite the constant bleeding of the global crypto market. The price of bitcoin has fallen 17% in the last 30 days. The average bitcoin price is $15,669 at the time of writing. According to data, Bitcoin lost more than $59 Million in the last day.
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Arkham Crypto Intelligence, a tracking company, discovered the hacker’s pattern. The hacker is active between 08:00 UTC and 10:00 UTC. Each operation creates a new account. Currently, the attacker is limited by renBTC’s liquidity. It is therefore unable to bridge large amounts of money at once.


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