Binance is reprimanded for failing to maintain “flawless” its Stablecoin reserves in the past

Key Points: Binance acknowledged that at least $1Billion of its Binance Smartchain BUSD supply was not adequately collateralized due to systemic issues.
According to a spokesperson for the exchange the pegging system has since been improved. He also stated that maintaining the peg involves several teams and has not always been perfect which could have caused operational delays in past.
Bloomberg reports that crypto exchange Binance acknowledged systemic problems that meant its supply of Binance Smart Chain USD was undercollateralized by at most one billion. The Binance-pegged Bitcoin token will have a fixed $1 value and be supported by BUSD reserves. This stablecoin is not associated with the exchange name, but is issued and managed by Paxos Trust. Binance’s “peg”, which is the amount of BUSD that has been secured as collateral to keep its own coin, was previously damaged but is now intact. This process, according to a Binance spokesperson, involves many teams and has not always been perfect. This could have led to operational delays in the past. The spokesperson said that the pegging process was improved since then. The Binance-pegged BUSD has been fully backed and Paxos’s BUSD has not been affected. They claimed that consumers’ redemptions were not affected by discrepancies in the data. However, Jonathan Reiter, ChainArgos founder, examined Bloomberg News data and found that the Binance peg BUSD was often undercollateralized between 2020-2021. Reiter’s estimates show that the difference between supplies and reserves was over $1 billion three times. A blockchain node is required to make the data available to the public. Some stablecoins use algorithms to maintain their price stability, while others use more conventional assets such as bitcoins. In light of the $2 trillion drop in digital assets since their peak of 2021, regulators increased their scrutiny of stablecoin issuesrs’ backing for tokens. This was in response to the $60 billion TerraUSD algorithmic unstablecoin ecosystem destruction. It is the largest cryptocurrency exchange worldwide, but it has been criticised for not being clear. We encourage you to do your research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: coincu.comHaroldCoincu NewsTags: BinanceBinance Smart Chain BUSDBinance-pegged BUSDBUSDTerraUSD