Big Eyes Coin: Everything You Need to Know Before Investing

One of the most anticipated coins in the crypto market is Big Eyes (BIG). This meme coin is a community token. It revolves around a cartoon illustration of a cat with large eyes. This explains the name of the project.
The Ethereum blockchain is used to build the project. It will function as a decentralised application, which makes it more token-like than coin. The project uses the DeFi options inherent to Ethereum to connect individuals and create a community that provides value to its members.
The 6th stage of presale for this meme cryptocurrency is currently underway. Despite the market crash, it has raised almost ten million dollars. Big Eyes hopes to be the best meme currency, as no other coin has ever been. Its true goal, however, is to catch DOGEs (i.e. Shiba Inu and Dogecoin)
Big Eyes has stated that 90% of the coins will be available for purchase in open supply on the launch date. This means that even if someone wants to be a big whale, their chances of becoming one are slim. The total supply of coins for the project is 200 billion, with 180 billion available for regular investors. The team decided to donate 5% of tokens to a marine charity, while keeping the remaining 5 % for future endeavors.
According to the whitepaper it would take deliberate measures to protect marine life from the harmful effects of overfishing and pollution. The initiative will donate a significant portion of its token supply for ocean-related charities.
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The whitepaper claims that there will not be any fees or taxes when buying or selling BIG coins.
BIG has passed its smart contract audit. It is expected to launch in 2022. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts believe it will make attractive profits. Big Eyes will also launch the Sushi Crew, an exclusive NFT club.
Final Thoughts
Pre-sale coins can be purchased just like boarding a rocket still in preparation for launch. You are sure to have a great time, even though reaching the moon is not guaranteed. You will also crash and burn spectacularly if things go wrong (at least your investments). You can maximize your potential gains by investing only in currencies that have not experienced significant growth. However, the reverse is also true.
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