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BC.Game’s top bonus code is “UNLOCK” which must be entered when you sign up for the site. This promo code unlocks the MAXIMUM BONUSES currently available – so there’s no need to guess or hope! Tip: The forum is a great place for top players to share their secrets! BCGame is “Proveably Fair” – Using blockchain technology, anyone can view all rounds and every game played…This means that millennials are less likely to place bets if the system isn’t fair. If they feel like a slot machine is taking their money, they don’t like it. You could bet that Las Vegas wouldn’t allow the public to view every game’s records, allowing them to verify fairness and odds. However, if a slot machine gives them a 3% advantage, that’s a rare find. You can lose, but you feel like you have the chance to win when you play in a fair casino. BCGame allows you to see the odds for every game, right on the games homescreen. There are some that give the casino a slight advantage of 1%, and you can always sit down and play them, 24 hours a day! “Crash” is a very popular game, where the casino has a 1% advantage. Many have won big from this game. We are pleased to present the BC. Use code UNLOCK to get a start bonus – this is the most intelligent code you can use! BC.Game is a fun cryptocurrency gambling platform. It offers access to over a thousand games, a new sportsbook, and exciting in play wagering. Players can enjoy new offers, 24/7 support, and exciting competitions. You’re now ready to play! With your bonus, you can explore the casino’s offerings. You can win some crypto every time you spin the wheel. There is no way to lose coins or get a zero. Notice how there is no 0 and no way to lose coins by spinning, everyone wins something every time!I’ve seen people claim that after a small deposit to start off, they’ve just been playing with winnings from spinning the daily wheel, they’ve even set daily reminders to make sure they don’t skip a single day.There’s also the illusive BCGame shitcode, which they seem to give out in random places and random times, ive never earned one but they are promo codes for existing users that give them a larger bonus than most wheel spins would.As you play you also level up, and there’s some very cool perks you earn as your rank rises.So signup now and make sure it says “UNLOCK” under your ‘referral code’ and enjoy your bonus!—————Author: Ryan KenningsArticle Submitted/ Sponsored Guest AuthorBC.Game Promo Code and Bonus Codes