Axie Infinity Launches Homeland Season 1 on February 22nd with New ASX Rewards

Key Points:P2E Games Axie Infinity has announced that Homeland Alpha Season 1 would begin on February 22nd
The game introduces new AXS Rewards, upgrades passive adventures, as well as special land cosmetics.
Official news has confirmed that Homeland Alpha Season 1 will start on February 22nd. It will introduce new AXS rewards and upgrade passive save accessories. The Story Decoration Competition was also held online for the first time. All land owners will be able to obtain AXS to improve their in-game skills, such as building, crafting, fighting, and more. The people of Lunacia can look forward a thrilling season that allows them to express themselves in new ways. You will also be able to create a party with up to three adventurers starting in Alpha Season 1. Axie Infinity also reworked mechanics like boss difficulty, overall leveling up, and energy recovery. These are just some of the many improvements that have been made to the game. The FBI announced that it had recovered $30 million from the hack of the Harmony blockchain’s Horizon Bridge in June 2022. This was a loss of $100,000,000. Yesterday, Norwegian Police announced that it had recovered $6 million in cryptocurrency from the hack of Axie Infinty’s Ronin bridge almost a year ago. The Company has also confirmed that it will fully reimburse users, even though it could take years. This was one of the most significant cryptocurrency attacks in history. We encourage you to do your research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: # Cryptocurrencies#Marketsaxie infinityAXSBlockchaincryptoGameFiP2E