Arthur Hayes Releases ‘White Boy’ Final Chapter; SBF Replies

SBF News: Arthur Hayes (Co-Founder of 100x) released the final essay in his “White Boy” series. He tends to link the apex Western Exceptionalism, Eurasia’s resurrection, and the Failure of Sam Bankman Fried’s FTX in the detailed piece of writing. Hayes was able to get a reply from SBF, who is currently under house arrest.
Hayes stated that he is done with talking about SBF or the collapse of FTX. It is not fun anymore when a person doesn’t want to fightback. He predicted that the SBF would be posting bland, carefully crafted tweets in order to make himself look good before the trial.


He said that there was still a lesson to be learnt from the FTX disaster and its repercussions on global macroeconomics as well as political perspective. He said that TradFi will unconsciously seek to be friendly with individuals and firms that believe they will continue to support the rule of the fact-led financial system.


The last chapter highlighted the fact that SBF was very clear in his belief that operating a centralised cryptocurrency business was the best way to make the most money, and it was also the fastest. He believed he could give it all away to the good of humanity.
SBF responded to the matter and stated that he strongly disagrees with many FTX-related allegations. He generally agrees with Arthur Hayes at a higher level. It turned out to be the exact same thing he is now overseeing.
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