ARK Invest Ex-Crypto Head Goes ‘LONG” on Solana; Here’s why

Solana News: Solana (SOL), has been named as one of the biggest losers in 2022. SOL has lost approximately 95% of its value over the past year (YTD). Despite the massive fall, the former Crypto head at ARK Investment Management still believes in the Solana price.
Will Solana’s price rise or plummet?
Chris Burniske tweeted that he still longs for SOL, while the haters continue to pile on the negative momentum. He said that the Solana price would recover and that people will be haunted to think that they should have purchased the SOL at $10.


Coingape reported that Solana prices dropped to single digits. SOL price fell to trade below the critical $10 price level. At press time, it trades at an average price $9.11. However, Solana’s 24 hour trading volume has increased by 189% to $1.8 billion.

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The former Crypto head at ARK Invest mentioned the question that Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum co-founder, asked him about the recent crisis surrounding Solana Blockchain.
Vitalik to assist SOL?
Chris Burniske stated that Solana’s most appealing feature is their unique mix of hardcore devotees who believe strongly in innovation independence. These people are hardware addicts, while the validators’ community seems crazy committed. This is similar to Ethereum or Cosmos.
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He said that Dapp builders are a mix of Web2/3, which means they have a good understanding of the crypto backend. It is still necessary to develop the skills necessary to produce mainstream front ends.
Coingape reported Vitalik Buterin supported SOL during the crisis. He said that the Solana Blockchain has bright future. He said that it is difficult for him to see the future from the outside, but he hopes that the community has the opportunity to prosper.

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