Arbitrum’s Emerging DeFi Programs Are Worth Your Attention

Key Points: In addition to GMX and Camelot, there are many DeFi projects in the Arbirtrum ecosystem that merit attention.
These projects include Zyberswap and SolidLizard, Gammaswap and WINR Protocols, Nitro Cartel, Perpy Finance and Factor DAO.
The spring has been ushered in by the DeFi project on Arbitrum. Among the native projects, GMX (for derivatives), Camelot (for DEX) and Radiant (for lending) have all attracted a lot attention. What other DeFi projects are worth mentioning on Arbitrum? Coincu screened out some emerging projects that at least meet one of the conditions of short launch time, fast data growth, and no currency issuance yet.ZyberswapLink: is one of the first decentralized exchanges on the Arbitrum blockchain. Zyberswap has a commitment to the lowest fees. It is an Automated Market Maker (AMM), which can swap crypto assets for the lowest fees. Zyberswap was launched in January and its tokens fell to almost zero at the end. The recent APR of ZYBERETH pool and ZYBERUSDC pool pools is close to 2000%. ZYBER’s price has remained stable and rising due to the recovery DeFi on Layer 2. The TVL of Camelot is $62.73 million and the FDV as high at $300 million. There may be more development in the DEX track. Zyberswap also offers Launchpad and Uniswap V2 + Curve types DEX, but the tokens don’t have Camelot’s complicated lock-up system. The transaction fee for the non-stable currency pool is 0.25%, LP gets 0.15%, and users who lock ZYBER can share a part.The current TVL of Zyberswap is $90 million, surpassing Camelot.SolidLizardLink: fork from Solidly’s DEX. Solidly once had liquidity of more than $2B with the help of Andre, a well-known DeFi developer. But it fell after Andre announced his withdrawal. The ve(3,3) model is currently showing good results on Optimism’s Velodrome, and BNB chain’s Thena. SolidLizard has also begun work on Arbitrum. The TVL at the moment is $34.69million, an increase of 158% over the last 24 days. Projects like ve(3) often have weak liquidity providers who are not willing to pledge native tokens of DEX. In SolidLizard, after staking SLIZ tokens, it will also increase the mining income of liquidity providers, which can be regarded as a small improvement in terms of tokens.GMD ProtocolLink: Protocol is a revenue optimization and aggregation platform. To generate revenue, it adopts a strategy that is close to the level of delta neutrality. To generate revenue, half of the revenue will go back into the company and the other half will go to GMD stakeholders as protocol revenue. The Vault of each asset has established a limit based on the asset composition of GLP. This allows you to simulate the asset ratio of GLP. For single-asset depositors, this strategy is close to delta-neutral.GMD’s TVL hit a new high recently, up 78% in the past week.GammaswapLink: allows traders to leverage long volatility or hedge impermanent losses, and it builds a middle layer between users and AMMs. Gammaswap can be used to deposit LP tokens or liquidity providers that are supported by AMMs. People who need to hedge against permanent losses can use one asset in LP as collateral. They can borrow LP positions, leverage them, and then separate LP into a single token. The liquidity deposited in LP can earn deposit income. If volatility is high and the impermanence risk is large, the strategy to separate into a single token can be profitable. Gammaswap has proposed a proposal in OlympusDAO, which states that the annual APR for the OHM/ETH trading pair that provides liquidity is approximately 1.35%, but that the impermanent loss of 2.1% is approximately 2.1%. result in a loss. Gammaswap proposes depositing 1% ($500,000), of the Olympus protocol liquidity into Gammaswap in order to get higher returns. The project has received a Grant from Balancer, has financing, and has not yet issued coins.WINR ProtocolLink: Protocol is a project designed for on-chain liquidity and incentives. It has created a liquidity pool WLP in accordance with GLP. This pool includes 50% DAI and 35% ETH, as well as 15% WBTC. Developers of other projects can also connect to WINR’s liquidity pools through the WINR DAO proposal. This will allow them to pay game players directly. These game players are also the opponents to these liquidity users. For example, a leveraged short/long game can provide collateral and trade via WLP. WINR generates random numbers untampered by a decentralized oracle system, which is also suitable to be used in other gambling games. The team also developed Justbet in the WINR ecosystem.WINR Protocol will host an IDO on Camelot on March 6.Nitro CartelLink: Nitro Cartel team plans to build an index product Arbitrove in the Arbitrum ecosystem, providing exposure to a basket of Arbitrum native assets.Arbitrove’s first product is the ALP index, including GMX, MAGIC, GRAIL, DPX, JONES, RDNT, and GNS, the governance tokens of the top projects in the Arbitrum ecosystem.Users can mint ALP with ETH as the principal, and pledge ALP on Arbitrove to earn esTROVE. Arbitrove uses the underlying assets to earn income through liquidity mining and distributes it to users.Arbitrove will be on IDO at Camelot from February 17 to 20.Perpy FinanceLink: is a copy system of GMX. Any trader can create a Trading vault in Perpy, bind it to the Twitter account, and share it on Twitter to attract others to follow your orders. These Trading Vaults can be used to deposit funds and earn a performance fee. Those who choose not to follow orders may also use the funds to trade on GMX. Each Trading Vault can be considered a fund. The creators of these Trading Vaults are paid a performance fee and use the funds to trade on GMX. Perpy’s native token PRY will be IDO on Camelot on March 16.Factor DAOLink: is an on-chain treasury management platform that hopes to become a liquidity aggregation layer that unifies the fragmented DeFi market.Any project or individual can act as an asset manager and create a Vault on Factor. These Vaults allow investors to deposit funds and receive income in a single click. Investors can deposit funds into these Vaults with just one click to receive income. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: ArbitrumDeFiFactor DAOGammaSwapGMD ProtocolNitro CartelPerpy FinanceSolidLizardWINR ProtocolZyberswap