Arbitrum-based Vest Exchange successfully raises new funds to solve liquidity problems

Key Points: Vest Exchange, a decentralized derivatives platform, announced that it has closed a seed round.
Jane Street and QCP Capital are two of the investors.
According to reports, Vest Exchange is a decentralized platform for perpetual contracts based on Arbitrum.
Vest Exchange, a decentralized perpetual forwards exchange (DEX), on Arbitrum, announced that it has completed a seed round financing from Jane Street Capital, QCP Capital and Big Brain Holdings. However, perpetual futures are the most popular crypto primitive. However, current exchanges have not addressed the following issues: High obstacles to listing on the stock exchange. Current exchanges are reluctant to list long-tail markets because their procedures cannot adapt to market conditions. This means that long-tail markets are not being listed on new exchanges and they are constantly included in DEXs.
Insufficient risk management. Multiple protocols were shut down and DeFi lost millions of USD in 2022 alone due to market manipulation and other oracle attacks.
Uncertain returns and risk for liquidity providers (LPs) LPs can be subject to adverse selection and bankruptcy. This is why exchanges charge large trading commissions to compensate.
Vest Exchange hopes to address the issues of high listing threshold, poor risk management, and unclear reward/risk of LP. Vest Exchange will soon announce a testnet. This is a risk-first, non custodial protocol that allows users to trade perpetual options on almost any asset. It unlocks new illiquid market faster than any other centralized/decentralized exchanges by combining coherent risk metrics and the microstructure perpetual future markets. This allows for a fair system for all traders. The team is determined to make trading easier. The team will start by creating a decentralized perpetual forwards exchange (Vest Exchange), where traders can speculate on virtually any asset. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: ArbitrumcryptoDeFiDexVest Exchange