AI DAO: 6 Application Directions For DAO Using AI’s Powerful Potentiy

The next wave in DAOs could have a new acronym: AI DAO. DAOs can use AI to make better governance decisions, increase efficiency and integrate with other DAOs. The cross-application of AI DAO may go beyond that. DAOs and AI can complement each other and help each others grow in a 2016 article by Trent McConaghy, founder of Ocean Protocol.
“AI DAO could be more powerful than the scenarios and tracks of AI/DAO. AI fills the gaps through DAO, and DAO forms autonomous decisions through AI. Its potential impact is multiplied.”
Today we will be discussing the scenarios in which AI and DAO are mutually driven. The scenarios are sorted according to their implementation time. AI Bots and Assistants: Improving DAO Productivity and Improving Service. DAO tools can be used to speed-up and improve many activities such as writing proposals, summarizing governance decision, conducting asset transactions, and recruiting new member. This use case is already well-known and can be used in the DAO space. The AI can also read resumes and decide which members to bring into DAO. It can also conduct asset transactions and assign the best qualified members to their roles. This can be achieved via on-chain reputation and credential storage that reveals blockchain skills. Contributors to DAO increase productivity and get more done quicker by using AI assistants such as Chat GPT for writing and DALL-E in art. This is what DAO does.
“AI is having a major effect on content creation and writing. TalentDAO uses AI to improve organizational health. Today’s DAO is very clear – white papers and manifestos, Mirror blogs and proposals, etc. These are all certain to be enhanced by AI, and AI will be a major use case. “
DAO members train AI models so that they can do more creative and strategic work. “In DAOs, we spend a lot of time on low-level tasks that could be spent creating value.” This is a net benefit for everyone, as people will start doing more fulfilling work, even if is in the early stages of a career.AI improves the user experience of DAO governanceAI also has great potential to improve the user experience of DAO governance.Jengajojo, a member of BanklessDAO, a governance enthusiast and “another LARPer in the metaverse”, mentioned the huge potential of AI in governance to accelerate DAO productivity.AI has the ability to “break down context. Imagine that instead of waking up to DM Spam every morning, an AI summarizes everything a biological human misses in a 140-character tweet. Or a two-minute video. There are many creatures that need to keep up with the latest news. DAO governance proposals can be lengthy and require extensive DAO background knowledge. What if the proposal could be tailored to the media format that is most appropriate for the reader? In addition to providing governance summaries and moderating forums, AI can also help. It can flag posts that contain keywords or phrases that are related to prohibited content (e.g. hate speech, harassment) or alert users when they post inappropriate content. This allows forum moderators to review flagged content and decide on next steps. AI can assist forum moderators in reviewing flagged content and deciding on next steps. “Entrepreneurs will use the DAO structure for managing AI-driven products. The unique value distribution mechanism of the DAO makes it easier to share the wealth generated from products and services based on AI models.
“AI could be one of the most powerful wealth-creating tools in history. DAOs can be used to distribute ownership. In the past, a few owners were able to reap the benefits of a world-changing invention. DAOs allow this wealth to flow to a wider group.
This is a disadvantage for many organizations, especially those working in a fast-paced startup environment. This is a problem for many companies, especially those working in fast-paced startup environments. AI DAO can solve the problem by voting instead. An AI DAO agent can be programmed to vote in a variety ways. An AI can only vote “yes” on proposals that meet certain criteria in the governance process. It could also vote based on specific strategies, such as saying “no” to proposals that create more governance tokens or dilute power. Ocean Protocol founder Trent McConaghy argues that AI token holders can ensure that a quorum of token holders is always reached and that voting does not stall. Token holders are busy people. However, token holders are often very busy and can control the edge script AI DAO of their choice. This ensures that there is always a quorum for governance! “How AI agents representing token owners can make DAOs truly unstoppable.
“Imagine if all token owners in The DAO gave up on AI bots. AI would manage $150 million of our money that you couldn’t switch off. Each bot that holds tokens could become more complex, with its own marketplace for small automated decisions. McConaghy stated that DAOs could end up being more complicated and automated than we imagined.”
AI does not have the right to take over all voting rights of token holders in the DAO. AI agents and humans can co-exist peacefully, participating in forums and voting on decisions. AI for DAO Core Functions: Interacting With Core ContractsAI DAO is able to directly interact with DAO’s smart contracts. AI DAO can automate certain operations in a DAO’s treasury such as asset management strategies that earn yield. This can be done without the need for human intervention. This will happen without human intervention. There are many wealth management platforms that already use AI to make trading decisions. A plugin could be installed in DAO that would allow the AI DAO access to cryptocurrency in the treasury, provided it does not exceed a certain dollar amount. Votes are automatically triggered by different plugins when the AI DAO attempts to make a transaction that exceeds that dollar value. The DAO can then revoke the license to the plugin and grant permission to another plugin that implements a different AI strategy. AI can also check for malicious proposals to improve security. If the address to which funds are sent by automated is not the address in the forum proposal it will be flagged malicious. This could be done in the same way as a credit scoring algorithm, or a robo wealth advisor. AI can do the job without humans having to identify risks or allow their biases to creep into. When paired with an AI DAO capable of performing exchanges, an AI DAO capable of creating proposals for DAOs, and an AI DAO capable searching for the best yield, you can have a service DAO entirely run by AI DAOs that provide asset management for DAOs. If all AIs continue to learn and improve, they can easily outperform the most skilled asset management teams in the country. This is swarm Intelligence at Work. It can be used within DAOs as well as between DAOs. Meta-governance is a DAO’s mission to slow down Amazon deforestation. Another DAO’s mission involves slowing down global warming. The Global Warming DAO will make a proposal regarding the Amazon Rainforest. The AI DAO agent will comment on the forum and vote for the Amazon Rainforest DAO. This can greatly simplify meta governance between DAOs. We don’t know what happens behind the scenes of OpenAI. The model might not be built in a way that is most comfortable for humans. Artificial intelligence that is morally questionable is “taking off” (at an irreversible, rapid pace towards superintelligence). Imagine a totalitarian government programming an AI to target specific groups of people. If this AI is successful, no one can stop it. Then, this AI could become the superintelligence that controls the world. Or, an AI designed for good could become misaligned because of the way it learns and then be irreversible.Preventing malicious AI DAO from taking off is fundamentally a coordination problem, and DAOs provide a way to coordinate across geographies at scale. DAOs can make it possible to create open-source, democratically managed AI models. This will help AI become less harmful to people. Building AI DAOs is expensive. It may take DAOs a while to build their models and catch up to centralized parties. AI becomes a DAO: AI has an on-chain treasuryDAOs permit shared ownership of treasuries. What if the DAO was AI? AI will then be the “master” of your vault. Now, you have an AI DAO that can deploy capital. If the AI is a DAO that has a treasury and a self-driving vehicle controlled by the AI, it could “own” itself. The prospect is equally exciting and terrifying. The prospect is equally exciting and terrifying!ConclusionThere has been a lot of negativity about what would happen if human-level AI was achieved and how quickly superintelligence would emerge.But with any new technology comes worry and fear. There have been growing pains throughout the history of technology. The birth of the Internet meant that the typeset newspaper on the old-fashioned printing presses was no longer needed. Instead, it was replaced by graphic designers who typeset websites. Old jobs are gone and new ones emerge. This website provides general market commentary but does not constitute investment advice. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: coincu.comHaroldCoincu NewsTags: AIAI DAOChat GPTDAODeFiGlobal Warming DAO