According to Analytics Firms, Bitcoin is showing conflicting signals about the next bull market

Key Points:Bitcoin has a strong connection to the S&P 500, which limits the likelihood of a bull run.
Messari, however, points out that Bitcoin moving averages have recently become a golden cross.
BTC’s HODLer net positions change has reached a record high of 49.473.346 BTC over the past three months.
Two independent crypto analytics companies measured that Bitcoin (BTC), is sending inconsistent signals about when the next bull run will start. According to Santiment, Bitcoin has a strong connection with the S&P 500. The 50-day moving mean of an asset is above its 200-day average. This is what is believed to historically presuppose strong returns over the six-month and one year time frames. Messari however, believes that BTC’s moving averages have just formed this golden cross. The asset’s 50-day average moves above its 200-day average, which is historically believed to presage strong returns over the six-month and one year time frames. Bitcoin currently trades at $21,824. The market-leading crypto asset has fallen 0.53% in 24 hours and nearly 7% in a week. However, it is still trading at $21,824. HODLer Net Position Change tracks long-term investors’ monthly position changes. It does not indicate that they have spent any money on BTC. We encourage you to do your research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: # Bitcoin analysis# Bitcoin regulations#bitcoin pricebitcoinbitcoin price analysisBitcoinsBTCbtc pricePrice btc