Abu Dhabi’s Hayvn Considers Buying FTX Payments Company

According to Hayvn CEO Christopher Flinos, FTX Pay’s connections with major corporations such as Mastercard make it a valuable asset. It also appears to have a stronger management team and a more solvent balance sheet. He stated:
“We are happy to see that some of the FTX businesses have solvent balance sheets, responsible managers, and valuable franchises. Once they have the court’s permission, we are open to discussing their bankers, Perella Wineberg.
In December 2021, Hayvn was granted regulatory approval by the Abu Dhabi Global Market. FTX Pay’s infrastructure is identical to Hayvn Pay’s, so the company is considering purchasing the payments division. This is despite the fact that FTX Pay is still in bankruptcy proceedings. The company buys FTX Pay for its connectivity, not its technology.
“Acquiring FTXPay will help us solidify our position in the global leader in cryptocurrency payments solutions.”
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