5 Most Popular NFT Artists That You Must Know About

Blog >> 5 Most Popular NFT Artists That You Need to Know About. The NFT art space saw a tremendous growth in 2021’s bull market. Some digital art pieces sold for tens or millions of dollars. Famous auction houses like Christie’s or Sotheby’s auction works by artists like Pak and Beeple. Mike Winkelmann (AKA Beeple), is a South Carolina-based graphic designer, digital artist and animator. After a historic sale at Christie’s auction house, he became the center of attention. His artwork, “Everydays – The First 5000 days”, which sold for $69 346,250.00, was responsible for attracting mainstream media attention to NFT arts. It was also the first time that a well-known auction house had sold digital art and accepted cryptocurrency payments. Trending Stories2. An anonymous digital artist, PAKPak is considered a godfather within the NFT art community. He has been an active participant in the digital artwork scene for over 20 years and is still anonymous to this day despite being the highest-grossing artist in NFTs. His artwork, “Merge,” was sold for $91.8million in December 2021. It became the most expensive collection of NFTs to date. He also created “Censored,” a NFT collection that was split into two parts to support Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder. This token gives you access to selected NFT drops from Pak. XCOPYXCOPY is a London-based pseudonymous artist who uses NFT to make waves in the NFT art world. His glitched digital artworks mainly depict death and dystopia. His piece “All Time High in the City”, which he created, sold for $1,987 5,556 XCOPY’s most recent collection, “Max Pain”, made a staggering $23 million in less than 10 minutes. His most notable works include Right-click, Save As Guy, Grifters and Frens. Also, read: Top Ethereum Tokens to Buy in January 20234. Tyler HobbsTyler Hobbs works with plotters, paint, and algorithms. He is a graphic and creative designer. His artworks, which are based on algorithmic aesthetics, explore the interaction between computer software and the natural world. Tyler is best known for Fidenza, which is a series of 999 algorithms-generated artworks. Source: ArtynftAlso read: Top Undervalued Crypto Coins to Invest in January 20235. Dmitri CherniakDmitri Cherniak’s Ringers generative art collection is his most well-known work. His collections are primarily abstract and geometric, with some featuring bright colours while others in black and/or white. His artworks capture the essence of modern art, while also retaining a futuristic, digital edge. Source: Medium.
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