3AC Founders Roll Out New Exchange For Bankrupt Claims Trading And Derivatives

Key Points:Open Exchange provides a public marketplace for trading crypto claims and derivatives. It is based on a transparent exchange.
Claim holders will have the ability to trade or sell claims, including but not limited to: BlockFi and Celsius, FTX. Genesis, Mt. Voyager, Gox, and 3AC (“Three Arrows Capital”)
Zhu Su, Kyle Davies and the founders of failed crypto hedge funds Three Arrows Capital (3AC), have teamed up to create Open Exchange. Open Exchange began as a claims trading/derivatives market, but then expanded to fully decentralized custody/clearing and stocks/FX and new products over the next few months. Their goal is to eliminate captive claims through radical transparency. The best of both DefiA and CefiAs the website noted, a $20 billion market of claimants are desperately searching for a solution. This includes FTX and Voyager, Celsius, Genesis BlockFi, Mt Gox, Voyager, Celsius and many other. More than 90% of these claimants still haven’t filled out their information.
Open Exchange is a home and solution for those affected by crypto crises. Claimants can instantly unlock the value of their claims by trading them in crypto or using them to secure margin collateral.
Soon after launch, claim holders can trade or sell with claims including but not limited to: BlockFi and Celsius, FTX Genesis, Mt. Voyager, 3AC, Voyager. The Open Exchange will be powered and operated by FLEX, which is the core of the current CoinFLEX community. FLEX, the mainstay of the current CoinFLEX community, will be the fee-paying token. It will also give a stake in the new Exchange to its loyal supporters. FLEX’s tokenomics will remain the same, with a 100m capped supply and a 20% revenue-burn model. Holders also get trading fee discounts. We encourage you to do your research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: 3AC3AC Founders3AC LiquidatorsCoinFLEXCoinFlex’s creditorsThree Arrows CapitalZhu Su