2 SBF Guarantors Revealed Other Than His Parents Are Outstanding

The Key Points

Two other SBF guarantors, in addition to his parents, have been revealed.

These people contributed $700,000.

These are former deans and senior researchers at Stanford Law School, where SBF’s parents also work.

After Bankman-Fried failed in his appeal to the court of appeals, a federal judge ruled that Sam Bankman Fried’s co-signers should be made public. The two other SBF guarantors were high-status individuals and are close to the parents.

District Judge Lewis Kaplan of New York’s Southern District ruled initially in favor of news organizations. He argued that Bankman-Fried signatories were public interest plus. However, he did not issue a ruling in the interim. The judge stated Wednesday that although Bankman-Fried’s lawyers sent notices indicating they would appeal, they had not filed a substantive appeal.

Signatories were identified as Larry Kramer and Andreas Paepcke of Stanford University. They donated $200,000 each and $500,000 respectively. Bankman-Fried is the son of Stanford professors. Kramer is a former Stanford Law School dean and Paepcke is a senior researcher scientist.

Parents of SBF

Larry Kramer, a former dean at Stanford Law School, stated that he signed the release for Sam Bankman-Fried (FTX) because SBF’s parents helped him cope with the crisis. Let’s hope this can help us all.

Kramer stated that his parents, Joe Bankman (and Barbara Fried) have been providing food and emotional support to Kramer’s family during their fight against cancer. They also helped with emergencies and other issues. Kramer stressed that he was not affected or obligated to any FTX-related organizations.

“Joe Bankman, Barbara Fried have been close friends to my wife and I since the mid-1990s. My family has been fighting a terrible battle with cancer for the past two years. They have been my closest friends, bringing food, moral support, and often stepping in to help. We have tried to support them in their crisis.”
He said to CoinDesk.

Kramer stated that this was his act, and that he had no commercial transactions or interest.

SBF was released on a bond of $250 million after he was arrested in December. His parents signed a bond that included their Stanford house as collateral.

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