1inch Network: Introduced the Parser Incentive program and distributed 1.5 million INCH

Key Points: According to DEX aggregator 1inch network, 1,507,992 INCH tokens were granted to the parser incentive program. This is more than 800,000. USD at the current pricing.
1inch Network also published transaction information on Ethereum, BNB and Polygon, Avalanche. Arbitrum, Optimism. Fantom.
1inch Network, a DEX-aggregator, posted a project update on February 12. 1inch Network reported that 1,507 992 INCH tokens have been granted for the parser incentive program, which amounts to more than $800,000. USD at current pricing. 1inch Network initiated the distribution of resolver incentive plan tokens at the end January with a total amount of 10 million INCH. Combination is a unique combination of emerging and current technology that improves the security and profitability of swaps over the network. The Swap Engine’s Fusion mode allows DeFi users to place orders at a fixed price and within a specified time frame without incurring network charges. The patch includes significant security improvements as well as improved tokenomics and staking contracts. 1inch is an Ethereum-based decentralized platform. It aims to deliver the best Aggregation Protocols. 1inch also introduced a Liquidity Protocol, (AMM), and a Limit Order Protocol (tool), to ensure that consumers have the best trading experience. The platform plans to continue developing many Aggregation Protocols in the future, including a Borrowing Aggregator (AMM), a Leverage Aggregator and a Lending Aggregator. 1inch is the most successful project in the creation of Aggregation Protocols. This network is ambitious and plans to expand into other Aggregation Protocols, such as lending and leveraging. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: 1INCH1inch NetworkBlockchaincryptomarket