10 Best Crypto Job Portals & Websites 2023: A Career in Blockchain

Best Crypto Job Portals and WebsitesThere has been an exponential rise in the number of blockchain and cryptocurrency-related jobs over the past few years. People are increasingly interested in a career in blockchain technology. This is because cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are the future. Blockchain and crypto developers are highly sought-after professionals. Smart contract technology can bring efficiency to any industry that can save money and time for all sizes. This new technology allows developers to transfer their skills across multiple industries. There are several crypto job portals which provide opportunities for both entry-level blockchain jobs and high-level designations.advertisementadvertisementBut it is difficult to find the an authentic job portal for an industry which is flourishing at an unprecedented rate. We have compiled a comprehensive list highlighting the best crypto job portals. Its primary tasks include raising investor funds, increasing revenues, creating buzz, acquiring customers, and growing the client’s online community. Crowdcreate has raised over $250 million dollars for more than 500 client projects. Crowdcreate is a thought leader in the latest marketing strategies and has extensive experience in multiple industries, including cryptocurrencies and NFTs. This crypto job portal has built a proprietary network of investors, influencers and strategic partners.CryptoJobsuser-friendly and intuitive website that posts job opportunitiesCryptoJobs is a crypto job platform made up of a community of over 4,000 cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It is extremely user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy to find jobs. There are many jobs posted regularly and you can find more that 800 jobs at any one time. You can also feature a post for $199. These posts get extra attention by being mentioned in the newsletter and tweeting on the GetCryptoJobs Twitter stream. CryptoJobs also provides a listing upgrade fee for businesses and organizations that want to screen a higher number of applicants.AngelListwell-known job portal and website that also includes top blockchain opportunitiesAngelList isn’t just a blockchain job site as it has its own features that set it apart. AngelList is a platform that offers roles in startups and tech companies. There are over 26,000 companies who hire on the platform. AngelList’s unique feature allows anyone to see the salary upfront. This provides transparency that is rare in other crypto job portals. It only displays the profiles of those who have applied for the job. It only displays the profiles of those who have applied for jobs. The Crypto Recruit team has a combined experience of 30 years in recruitment. Crypto Jobs List is the largest platform for cryptocurrency jobs. It boasts more than 3000 listings on its platform. It is easy to search through different categories and specialties to find the job you are looking for in a specific niche. It is very user-friendly and provides transparent information. You can filter jobs by criteria such as remote, marketer, intern, trader or community. It also provides information about the number of people who have applied for a job and what the salary is. You can also search for remote jobs. It accepts applications through a simple web form which includes contact details, listing-specific questions, cover letter, and CV fields.Cryptocurrency Jobsa crypto job platform providing connection with startupsCryptocurrency Jobs provides an easy way to connect with startups using blockchain technology. This crypto job portal connects people and teams. It has been in operation since 2017. It has been used by more than 225 countries and territories to post jobs for over 1000 companies and startups. It also allows you to search for remote job opportunities. Posting a job on Cryptocurrency Job is easy and costs only $199.Be in Crypto is more than a job board. It is a job aggregator. It claims to be adding over 20 new jobs every day from blockchain and crypto companies. The team has grown tremendously since its inception to include some the most talented professionals in the technology industry, including Ramp, Bitmain and YouHolder. It offers jobs in Asia, Europe and North America as well as South America and Oceania. It also offers remote jobs as community managers, DAO managers and sales analysts. It is a completely decentralized job site. The database runs entirely on Ethereum public blockchain. Front-end source files are distributed via IPFS. This job platform is great for freelancers because it connects people looking for gigs on a freelance basis with employers. Ethlance is different from other websites in that it does not charge service fees or take a cut of transactions between freelancers, employers and employees. Users can only accept payment via Ether on the platform. Blockchain Headhunter is a creative platform for blockchain and Web3 executive searches and recruitment boutiques. Blockchain Headhunter will respond to applicants by simply submitting their CVs. You can also browse job opportunities. The job portal has helped hundreds of employers fill hundreds of jobs over the past four years thanks to its extensive global network of talent and over 15 years of executive search and recruitment experience. It has amassed a robust crypto talent and employment community with over 100k followers across different platforms.Crypto-Careersa blockchain and crypto job platform focused on technologyCrypto-Careers is a tech-focused blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs platform which focuses only on technical blockchain job listings published by large-scale organizations. These are the most sought-after jobs in the blockchain industry. However, the UI only lists five jobs per page, which can make scrolling through the job listings a bit time-consuming.Crypto-Careers also provide excellent filtering tools which allow applicants to sort listings by the level of funding of companies, company size, stage, and industry, as well as geographic location or remote availability.